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Terms And Conditions of Use (TCU)

These TCU are not to the exclusion of any Terms and Conditions of Use announced by the issuing banks, or published by Identity Malta (IMA) on the website, the Malta Government portal and /or the Laws of Malta:

These terms and conditions apply to the applicant (User) who utilises the Online Payment Services Portal (PSP) provided for any payment submitted to IMA. Kindly read these terms and conditions carefully. By authorising a payment to IMA through the Online Payment Service ("the service"), it would be treated as a deemed acceptance to these terms and conditions.

IMA reserves all the rights to amend these terms and conditions at any time without giving prior notice. It is the responsibility of the User to have read the terms and conditions before using the service.

These terms and conditions are subject to any other terms and conditions determined by the issuing commercial banks, or published in the website by IMA, the government portal and/or the Laws of Malta.

The User is requested to carefully read the Terms and Conditions as they determine his/her rights and obligations. Using the PSP and clicking the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” box on the payment page, constitutes a definite and irrevocable acceptance on the part of the User to all the Terms and Conditions.

Entering false details, including invalid Card details and / or details of Cards that the User has no right to use, is a criminal offense. Legal action shall be taken against anyone entering false information, including civil suits for damages.

Key Terms

  1. "Card" means an HSBC Visa and MasterCard, BOV Cashlink, Visa and MasterCard, APS Premier, Visa General, MasterCard or any other Credit Card or Debit Card which may from time to time be accepted;
  2. "Cardholder" means the person to whom a Card is issued or who is authorised to use the Card;
  3. "Commercial Bank" means those banks that have reached an agreement with the Government of Malta for the use of the electronic Payment Gateway;
  4. "IMA" means Identity Malta Agency;
  5. "User" means the Cardholder;
  6. PSP means “Payment Service Portal”;
  7. “the Service” means the online payment service process;

Application Context

Application can now be submitted online. Documentation will be accepted only in English. Documents that are in another language will be accepted only if they are officially translated to English.

Any approval for a long stay visa which is granted is without prejudice to:

  • Any further approval that may be required by the Maltese Health Authorities to proceed to Malta (as per Legal Notices 244, 255, 280 and 290 of 2020, and/or any subsequent related LN which may be issued by the Health Authorities
  • As well as any restrictions regarding travelling to Malta imposed by Member States through which they would be using for transit purposes in order to reach Mata.;

All applications are vetted by Identity Malta Agency and other stakeholders involved in the visa processing.


The following terms and conditions shall apply in respect of every electronic transaction by means of a Card (henceforth Electronic Card (EC) Transaction).

Before utilising this service, it is recommended that the User shall make the necessary enquiries about the charges or fees applicable against the Credit/Debit Card utilised issued by the Credit Card or the Debit Card service provider i.e. the respective Bank.

The User agrees, understands and confirms that his/ her personal data including without limitation details relating to Debit Card/Credit Card/Internet Banking transmitted over the Internet may be susceptible to misuse, hacking, theft and/or fraud and that IMA or the Payment Service Provider(s) have no control over such matters.

The User agrees that the Debit/Credit Card details provided by the person for use of the aforesaid service (s) must be correct and accurate and that the User shall not use a Debit/Credit Card, that is not lawfully owned by him/ her or the use of which is not authorised by the lawful owner thereof. The User further agrees and undertakes to provide correct and valid Debit/Credit Card details. The User is fully and lawfully entitled to use such Credit/Debit Card, bank account for such transactions.

The User is responsible for ensuring that the Card/bank account details provided by him/ her are accurate.

The User is solely responsible to ensure that sufficient Credit is available at the time of processing the payment to allow the deduction of any fees due for the payment applicable to the User inclusive of the applicable Fees.

The User agrees that IMA or any of its employees shall not be held liable by the applicant for any loss or damages arising from the use of, or reliance upon the information contained on the Website, or any failure to comply with these Terms and Conditions where such failure is due to circumstance beyond IMA’s reasonable control.

In addition, by clicking continue, you are confirming understanding that the outcome of the long-stay visa application is without prejudice to current Covid-19 global restrictions, including:

  • Requirement for further approval by the Maltese Health Authorities to proceed to Malta (as per Legal Notices in force at the time of travel).
  • Travel visa requirements or travelling which are hindered by restrictions imposed by the other countries from where the applicant might be travelling to or from.

Failure by applicants to send the passport to the Central Visa Unit within 30 days from the payment date will result in a nullified application. No refund is given in such cases.

Applicants who fail to travel to Malta before the expiry of their visas will have to submit a fresh application for a long-stay visa. No extension or refund is applicable in such cases.

Payments are all in Euro €

Application Context

No guarantee, representation or warranty, express or implied, is given by IMA in respect of the services provided. The User shall indemnify IMA for any financial loss emanating from any irregularities committed by the User due to insufficient funds, fraudulent or irregular transactions of his Credit/Debit Cards and will be held liable for any destitution resulting or emanating as a consequence of any online transactions processed via this Online Payment Portal.

Governing Law and Language

These terms and conditions are governed by the Laws of Malta and the competent Courts of Malta.

In the case of a conflict arises between the English and the Maltese language of these terms and conditions, the English version shall prevail.

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The service is provided using a payment gateway service provider through a secure website. However, neither the payment gateway service provider nor IMA gives any assurance that the information so provided online by a user is secured or may be read or intercepted by a third party. IMA does not accept or assume any liability in the event of such unauthorised interception, hacking or other unauthorised access to information provided by a user of the service.

Refund Policy

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